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60% Goose Down Duvet Inner

60% Goose Down Duvet Inner

R 1,100.00


60% Hungarian Goose Down 40% Top Feather

Anti Allergic

Hungary is renowned for the quality of its down. Geese from this region grow large down clusters due to the extreme temperatures of the Hungarian winter.  This makes our  Hungarian Goose Down duvets light, warm and cosy. Pillows are very soft and light and mould to your head. Often recommended for stomach sleepers.

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Available Size Information

Three Quarter: 150cm(W) x 200cm(L)

Double: 200cm(W) x 200cm(L)

Queen: 230cm(W) x 200cm(L)

King: 230cm(W) x 220cm(L)

Super King: 260cm(W) x 230cm(L)

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